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Default Re: Help with guide layout/guide size

A KL20H indicates that you intend to use the latest KR Concept from Fuji. I think you're on the right track for a Medium power 10 ft rod casting 20# braid or 14lb mono. If you anticipate moving up the 30# braid or 17lb mono I would suggest starting with the 25 stripper (KL25H).

The 20H will pair best with a 10H and then either a 6L or 7L, depending on the size runners you want to use.

If you opt for the 25H pair it with a 12H and then a 7M or 6L.

As far as running guides there is no such thing as too small however, if you're casting a leader knot through guides, size 6 would be best. If you want to crank a swivel through the guides then a 8 or 10 may be needed.

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