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Default Re: How to spool braid?

Here is how I did it recently, and it has so far has worked great!
  • Get another empty spare reel of the same size or larger spool that has no line on it and attach it to the bottom piece of another spare rod.
  • Fill the spare spool/reel with your braid any which way you can, manually by hand, just reel it on loosely from the original packing, etc...
  • Once it is all on, add mono if using mono backing or tape to the reel you plan on putting it on.
  • Attach the end of the line from the spare reel to the reel you want the line on.
  • Set the drag on the spare reel to about 4lb.
  • Have someone hold the spare reel half piece rod, or wedge it between a fence post, anything to create a tension.
  • Reel it in from the reel you want the line on!
  • Ther tighter the spool on the spare, the tighter it will go onto the reel you want.
Just my 2c, any additions welcome. I must admit, it is much easier just to go to a bait shop though!!
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