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Default First Fish if the year

I went to the local marsh yesterday and fished the first few hours of the outgoing tide. I was with my brother and we caught all of our fish on swim shads. They were all shorts, but fun to catch, and assuring that the fish are there, and i actually know what I'm going? i caught three, my brother caught one. Another guy next to us gut hooked a short fish and was going to leave it on the bank to rot because he was going to work. The fish was already dead when he asked if we wanted it. Initially i said no, but after seeing it was just going to rot, i cleaned it and took it home.

I lectured the guy about using circle hooks to prevent this from happening again since he was bait fishing on the bottom with j hooks.

I felt uneasy taking home a short fish, but it was already dead and it would have been a shame for the fish to die in vain.

The action didnt pick up until the tide started to fall a bit.

I look forward to the next time i can get out and feel a nice strong fish pulling on the end of my line. It was a nice reward after a long winter.

Getting away from work and being outdoors near the ocean and wildlife definitely refreshed my spirit.

I hope you all have a great season and catch some fish.

We got an added bonus of seeing a seal in the river fishing himself. Right as we got setup we saw him surface with a small schoolie of his own.
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