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Thanks a bunch for the tips. I'm trying to picture what you mean about the rubber band but the baits I have been using have been pretty large. (five inches or better) so I'll try hooking the bait through the side of the mouth through one of the nose holes and se what that does for me. As far as the location goes, I'm afraid it's a private community lake (about 440 acres near Edwardsville, Illinois). The smallest one I've pulled out to date is 4 pounds, biggest I've actually seen come out was 16 pounds. Most are in the 5-9 pound range. There are only about four guys other than me that fish for them which is nice but of course those 4 are out there every day so I imagine it does put some stress on the population. Do people also jig for Stripers? The majority of the fish are caught off of a submerged bridge in the center of the lake (depth goes from about 22 feet to 17) and everyone is simply trolling shad over this area or anchoring and casting out and letting the shad do the work. Any suggestions on other ways to fish these?

Thanks again for the tips!
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