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Originally Posted by robn View Post
I have 3 sizes. 4', 6' and 8'. I bought the 8' first and realized throwing a net was harder and more tiring than expected. So i purchased a 4' and learned how to throw it, because of its small size I got it to work immediately and realized my flaws and helped me focus on my setup a bit more... Transferring this info to the 8' I was getting the net to open and to catch bait 80% of the time.. Recently picked up a 6' and have been on 100% even getting some distance away from the boat/pier.
I relate this all to learning with the smaller net first. (iirc it was less than $20 @ walmart) It was the best thing for me.

good luck.
Thank you for that! I've been leaning towards a 6 footer and that's probably what I will get. I'd much rather be able to use a smaller net and get a nice spread on my throws than a bigger net and crappy throws. And I think a 12' diameter ought to be plenty big enough to catch the baitfish I will need for the day. Yeah 6 footer it is.
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