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Default Re: need help with abu garcia c3 6500

There are many differing opinions on braided lines. Just about anyone you ask will have a different favorite. Personally, I like a heavier braid on my 6500's as it is easier for me to prevent backlash when casting and easier to pick out tangles when they do occur occasionally. I have 65lb test Suffix Performance Braid on the reel I use with my 4-8oz rated bait rod, and 30lb test original Fireline on the reels I use on lighter rods for plugs & jigs. I also use a long mono shock leader when casting heavy jigs & bait/weight. The leader should be tied directly to the braid (I use a modified albright knot) and long enough to be wrapped a few times around the spool when casting. Do a search for "shock leader" and you'll probably find quite a few threads discussing their importance.
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