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Default A couple things

I have a wish list for next season. I am still fishing now but thought I would get the wish list started now.

I have used mono and I am now moving over to braid. Will the spinning reels I have now (3500/4500 Shimano Baitrunners) work with braid or should I look else where?

What are good light tackle spinning reels to be used with braid? They are going to go on some light action rods so I donít need high capacity.

Any other baitrunner reels out there other than the Shimano. I love mine but didnt know if any other companies have come up with something better

Good dead sticking rod? I have seen $25-$125. I dont want to drop a lot into these rods considering it will be sitting in a rod holder. If however the price point does matter I will bite the bullet.

Guys thanks in advance and all fishing is done off the boat.
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