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Default "Gone Fishin for Hybrid Bass"

Hello everybody. Those of you who love hybrid fishing are in for a treat. Manny Luftglas has agreed to sell copies of his book through oursite? It retails for $13.95.
Manny has just published his 14th book, entitled "Gone Fishin' ... For Hybrid Bass". Within its 152 pages, he covers all 29 states that stock these magnificent beasts, and also tries to make excuses for the 21 others that don't, for one good (or bad) reason or another. The book goes deeply into all the stuff an angler needs to know about the critter that he calls "Rocket", and if you have caught them, you already know why he gave them that name.
Its not too early for christmas shopping. If anyone is interested in a book from us. Manny would even be willing to personally autograph copies of the book to the folks who buy it from us.
If interested give me a shout.
[email protected]
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