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Default Re: Where and how do I catch stripers from shore in CT?!

I know this is a very old post - tough, because...

Oh my god - I've said before and people in other states don't believe me.

After growing up (and fishing, though it doesn't matter) in CT through the 60's, 70's and early 80's, I moved South - living in SC and TN and KY.

Finally, after 25 years, I was finally able to move back to my beloved CT and what do I find? The meanest, rudest, most self-righteous, self-centered people on God's (or, the gods, if it suits you) green earth.

Sure, the NYTimes has written articles about it. Sure, I've met many people from CIGNA in Chattanooga who tried to make the move to Bloomfield - and were scared back. But - I now have 5-years of first-hand knowledge that most CT folk are just mean. If you feel that I mean you - you're probably right.

A three-page thread with two or three comments about fishing and the rest from CT fisherman concerned that someone will be standing on their rock one day. As if there are too many people participating in this sport.

Do you have any idea how many fewer people fish now? Sure, that might benefit you - but what about your sport?

Which reminds me - I forgot selfish.

There - now I feel right at home. Where's that flamethrower emoticon???

Berlin, CT (on weekends)
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