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Default Re: Where and how do I catch stripers from shore in CT?!

Been in contact with the CSA and guess what Jay they dont even fish CT that often actually in their newsletter its states that they are particularly fond of Cutty Hunk as their club was started by a group of local anglers in 93 looking to bring back some of the tradition of the Cuttyhunk Fishing Club the Cuttyhunk Fishing Association was started in the 1860's

CSA is based in Madison CT, yet they hardly fishin in the state according to the members I spoke with...and on top of that they are involved with RISAA.

Jay there is no doubt that you know how to fish I was just busting your balls....I am more than aware of where I take people fishing and on top of that I wouldn't lead any one new to the sport into the places we go or any dangerous place for that matter. Tagged fish from 93 are cool but catching fish is only one aspect of being a good fisherman. Someone taught you and for that you should teach someone else even if your not an expert (and I don't claim to be) However I learned very quickly on my own how to catch these striped things 150 over 28 my first season ever. To me (and you may disagree) it is equally rewarding to fish with someone who may not learn as quickly and enable them to catch you might see why I was frustrated.

However I have taken several people who have never made a cast for stripers in their lives and they have caught fish and had a great time. My cousin was one of them and you were there, he was 15, that was his second time out and he caught bass. 15 years old....

I enjoy taking people fishing with me and have found it to be a learning experience as much for me as it is them. Anyone that wants to argue with me for wanting to pass on the sport to others is a POS and can clean my questionable parts with their mouth....
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