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Default Re: Northern Aqueduct Fishing?

Originally Posted by DK4885 View Post
been doing really good at the duct of late, no real secret just fish around the gates....
lucky crafts, traps and flukes

also don't pass up the irrigation canals that draw water from the delta,
got this one in a small canal. it went 5#

heres a video of the canal that I fished, you can stop watching after the 3rd cast.
Nice size catch. checked out your video -didn't look familiar are you fishing south of patterson ? started using lures heavily about two months ago and the amount and size of fish have increased 10 fold. noticed your lure retreive was as soon as it hit the water ? do your lures sink or are they the floating type .. i'm new to these bigger lures and have been trying all types of retreives and shapes .lots of fish in the 21 to 24 inch size and hit and running different spots have produced a loy of fish . Find them in one spot one day and they may be somewhere else the next day.
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