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Posted on Sun, Jan. 08, 2006
Stripers teem in access areas
Fish flock to the shade and protection of docks, floats and bridges
A striped bass tournament was won a few years ago by two anglers fishing within sight of Stutts' Marina in Mooresville.
During a subsequent tournament at the same site, weigh-in officials watched as stripers fed along the marina's shoreline. These were probably not isolated events, as most access areas have ramps and docks that provide an ample habitat for fish and a route to deep water. Pinnacle Access is the busiest, but best, launch on Lake Norman to begin fishing immediately.
Save the big engine, lower the electric motor, and begin casting. Largemouth and spotted bass love to hang out around the boulders immediately west and north of the ramp. The riprap to the south that runs along the causeway to the Highway 150 Bridge also attracts lots of legal-size tournament bass. The big 150 Bridge itself is a magnet for bass, stripers, catfish and crappie.
During the winter, diving terns and gulls herald bass and stripers that feed in the main river channel. On some occasions, the feeding frenzy occurs within casting distance of the bridge. The skimmer wall on the West Bank collects bait and game fish when water is moving. Another great place to fish is the floating boat dock that surrounds Midway Marina.
Bass, bream, catfish, crappie and striped bass can be found under the tin roof-covered boat dock. The shade and protection provided by the dock attract feeder fish and predators alike. Midway also hosts numerous fishing tournaments that release the majority of weighed-in fish on-site.
McCrary Creek Access, adjacent to Queen's Landing, is another area where anglers can begin to fish immediately. Spotted, largemouth and striped bass run shad into the deep slough that leads to the main river channel. Points, on the left bank heading out, and shoals on the right, should not be overlooked, particularly during weekdays when boat traffic is light. Other access ramps, including Stumpy, Little, Ramsey and Hagers creeks, provide excellent fishing within a short boat ride from the launch area. Don't overrun the fish. Save fuel and gain valuable fishing time by casting close to home.
Upcoming Events
? The Lake Norman Striper Swipers Winter Invitational will be Saturday at Blythe Landing, Highway 73 in Huntersville. First place is $2,500. Details: (704) 634-6410;
Tips from Gus
Use lithium grease to lubricate the shaft of your trolling motor. The grease will allow the motor to slide easily, and will prevent the shaft from freezing in the bracket during cold weather.
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