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I agree , some nozzles r worse than others . trial and error .
I'm not sure about plugs, but I allways thought you needed alot of coats of laquer to achieve a durable finish, and it is not recomended for underwater aplications . I think thats why the automotive basecoat/clearcoat systems have gone to the urethanes . I used the "3 minute " urtheanes lastyear on about a dozen plugs .It was expensive and toxic , but the finish was beautiful .but not thick like e tex .
I think once you figure the e tex out, its pretty good for lures , and relatively easy. Temperature is very impotant, and the little laser surface temp. gun from NAPA or sears is real handy . On the heat sealing ,prior to paint, the shop microwave for a minute brings a lure to 180-200 Degrees. GF
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