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Default Lake Monroe 11-14-2008

Got there about 1:00 p.m. and launched at Fairfax. Talked to a guy coming in as we headed out. Said he'd been there since dawn. Got about fifteen lmb and three "nice" wipers. Said they were about 5-7 pounders and he took them near shore in the Sugar Creek Inlet. We tried there, but got nothing. There were down there, we just could not get them to bite.

Then we headed back to the small inlet by Hardin Ridge where we caught them the week before. Partner took an 8.4 pounder on the first turn and I got a 7.2 on the second go round. Nice fish. Healthy looking and they had that clean, rainbow color to their silver sides. We weighed and released, then headed for home. It rained on and off throughout the afternoon and was really miserable. It wasn't great fishing, but it beat going home with the skunk.
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