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I'd love to start this post off with " caught a bunch of fish last night"....but i can't. I really have to start off this off by saying " I Caught a Monster Last Night!!!!".

My buddy and i Headed down to My favorite spot last night around 7:30pm. I was going to catch the incoming tide that started around 9pm but it was a beautiful day so we went early to enjoy the view. The waves were down to about a foot and the wind was blowing gently at 10 mph. Every star in the universe was out last night and the water was running out of the mouth of the lake into the ocean.....perfect conditions. It was slow all night, but slow at this place is a striper every 20 minutes. this went on for a few hours. 20 incher here, 28 incher there. midnight rolls around and the fishing starts to pick up. right around rod bends over without a bite, and my drag starts to whine, not just whine though, it might as well have started to smoke it was going so fast. Let me go back a few hours............with all the little ones we've been catching, i said to my friend " i'm going to loosen my drag, none of these fish are taking it at all" " nah, i'm going to leave it right where i like it, set on keeper" so i never touched it. 2 different people last week told me , and i quote: all there is out there now are the small ones. anyway........My buddy reels his line in quick and runs to put it in the sand spike, he can hear my drag from 50' away and he knows how i set my drag(tight). as he runs and stands next to me, he can see that my pole is bent right over and he said that he could hear my line straining and the drag smoking. it took me all of 10 mins to beach this cow. when i got it on the beach i was kind of standing back with my pole but my buddy was at the landed fish screaming Oh My God!!!!! The Striper measured....50" and weighed in at 42lbs. I'm going to have a hard job beating it this year, doesn't mean i aint gonna try though, hahaha. all in all it was an awesome trip last night. it would have been even better if i held it over my head with my shirt on and took a pic with my digital camera...I DID !!!!! what do you think.... i'm a fool? hahaha. i'll post it in the gallery later today my fellow fisherpeople. and dont let anyone tell you that the small ones come in first, its a lie and i knew it.

:twisted: craig aka briggs :twisted:

show me 6 foot waves and i'll show you a 15 foot rod that will make it seem like your fishing in a pond.
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