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Default rhode island report

What a great season so far. The stripers are steadily feeding now and the bite is constant.

I went out last saturday night with a few friends, the wind was strong when we started but slowed down as the night went on giving way to great skies and next to no waves. the bite was constant but it wasnt a killer night by all means. everyone in the party hooked up that night. I'd rather the bite be a little quicker on account of fishing at night with clambellies, its nice to know that your bait did or didnt stay on by the fact of you getting bit or not. all in all it was a great night though. i'll say it once and i'll say it again......If your not taking the time to enjoy your surroundings as well as fish, your doing something wrong. i find that if i surround myself with great friends and great people, the fact that i catch fish or not doesn't seem to be so much ofa priority. don't forget to have fun out there !!!!

I went back out Monday night with a couple of friends and we got skunked, s*it happens. The wind was definetly coming from a bad direction for where i fish.

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show me 6' waves and i'll show you a 15' rod that will make it seem like your fishing in a pond.
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