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Decided to give it a whirl on Friday the 13th. From a jetty, we could see just crazy action on the top of the water from about 500+ yards out. Every second these bunker being destroyed by fish got closer and closer. Within an hour and a half, we could see it was striped bass lighting up the bunker just inside casting range. Everyone starting casting and everyone started hooking up.
I caught my very first striped bass after over 1year of persuing the fish with no luck at all. My first fish was 25lbs. Everyone was destroying the bass on topwater plugs. There were so many bass that when the plug hit the water it was being tossed out of the water in random directiong b/c so many bass were trying to take it at the same time. I lost my plug on my second fish, which was easily above the weight of my first fish, when my friends grabbed the line in a helping effort only to snap the line off of the bass I had foul hooked just behind the head.
Since I was fresh outa plugs (never thought they'd work for me, let alone catch me a fish), I just walked up the jetty and picked up one of the MANY live bunker stuck in the rocks of the jetty, beached, trying to escape the stripers. I hooked him in the dorsal fin, and within 45 seconds in the water I had a 16lb striper. My third fish of the day.
As quick as it came, it was gone. After that only the occasional 20-30lb fish was being pulled out every 10 minutes or so, still pretty good fishing for a jetty, but it wasn't anything near what I had just experience. Pictures to follow shortly.

I'm afraid I'm hooked for life now...

For some odd reason, the boats following the stripers, didn't seem to be catching any at all. Maybe they didn't have plugs???
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