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Default Re: Win-Registrierung

Originally Posted by asinakaras
Hi all! Der Fehler muss also irgenwo in der Win-Registrierung liegen. Hat jemand ne Idee wo ich suchen muss ? Bye
Ok Translated from German this means.

The error must lie thus irgenwo in the Win registration.
Does someone have ne idea where I to search must?

Typical spammer nonsense. This doesnt make sense.
Note that all Internet accessible hosts are expected to have a reverse DNS entry
No reverse dns record exits for these entrys.

ip resides to washington dc
hopone internet
spam source, anonymous/un-named IP

PS In the past this web site also has a fraudulent page rank of 6. The rank belonged to a legitimate site.
Domain has been pointing to which is a valid PR6.

I decided to delete the account and the thread altogether.

Bye to you.
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