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Default Re: good place for ayc, red cedar, other good wood

Originally Posted by rclark12 View Post
that sounds promising ill give my local a call

Hit them up cold. The way it worked for me is that I went into the sales room trying to get pricing on some cedar posts. The sales guy asked what I was building and I told him fishing plugs. Told him I was going to take the cedar post and cut it up into 8 to 10 inch pieces. He picks up the phone and asked the guy in the shop if they have any cut-offs. Since it was spring and things where busy, they had a mess of them. I backed my truck up and they loaded me up and thanked me for taking his scrap. The next trip, I returned with a plug I made from the wood I got the first time. They loaded me up again, and asked if I had interest in turning some fence post toppers for them.

The fence company I use, also sells wood stoves, so the scraps gets used up in the fall and winter. Timing was everything, and hitting them during a busy time, far enough from wood stove season worked out well.
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