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Originally Posted by spike10 View Post
You can catch fish at Cashman at night, chunking does seem to be the most popular, and it is pretty convenient. Though if you want to fish the river on foot here are a couple places to try which may be more interesting.

Deer Island - access from the chain bridge (next to 95) between amesbury and nbpt, small parking lot. Fish the sandbar on the down river side or the rips along bridge.

Spring Lane off Ferry Road in Newburyport behind the little treatment plant, park on the road and walk down the grass.

Sweet Apple Tree Lane off Ferry Road in Salisbury, State land but not sure about parking these days. Hike down and fish the Rock (top half of the tide).

Good Luck
Hey spike, thanks for the suggestions. I actually stopped at Deer Island. I didn't do so hot there. I stopped by Cashman's but some one had crept up and stole all the water! I did a little recon though and can see where a fish might chill when the after comes back. Ultimately we went out to PI where we continued to not catch fish for the rest of the night. I'll look into the other places in the future.
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