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Default Tallassahatchee Creek Alabama Pictures

Kelly sent me thes pictures to post that she caught in her creek in Ohatchee, Alabama last month

We usually catch them on a white & black redfin that you can see hanging out of the mouth of the 12lb stripe and tangled in the net in the 16 Jul07 photo.
My oldest son is home for the month during this portion of his pharmacy school rotation and he caught a 10lb Saturday evening. It is supposed to rain this week so the day after it rains we may catch some more.
The largest stripe I've caught weighed 17lbs. I caught it in Tallassahatchee creek. It runs through the back part of our property (53acres). There are alot of huge fish a lot bigger than the one I caught. The creek is currently very low, but, there are a few spots where the stripe come up from the Coosa River into our creek and stay under the rapids and if you go down there at just the right time and throw your lure behind the falls and pull it down over the falls they might hit.

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