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Default Current Hudson conditions

At this point the Hudson River looks to be in good shape north of the Mid Hudson Bridge (Poughkeepsie). If you recall last year this same time we had terrible rain which caused wide spread flooding in the Catskill region. This caused dangerous amounts of debris in the water, much more then we?re used to. It also caused the water to be far darker and muddier and cooler then usual for this time of year. Last year, many anglers got off to a late start due to water conditions in this area. A couple of local mariners in the Ulster County area were forced to hold off on placing their docks in the water due to strong currents. One was actually forced to dredge an entire area of where they put their docks due to the currents that made it too shallow for boats to dock (including ours). Luckily this is not the case this year. The water looks in very good shape. Water temps are currently around (plus or minus) 40 degrees. The future weather outlook looks good as well; no snow, no real rain to speak of and the temps are warming up quite nicely. This will give us the mountain run off that is normal for our area well. My son went to the local Gander Mtn to check on bait. They already have frozen herring, bunker and blood worms in stock. There were some issues with them last year in the bait department. All in all the Striper season is off to a good start in the Hudson Valley and the Catskills. We?re getting our boat ready so we can make our usual early trip to the Tappan Zee area of the Hudson. I will keep all posted on the conditions and run in our area as it starts.
Good luck to all at stripers247 and have a safe season.
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