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Default Buzzards Bay 9/4

Been working WAY too much this summer (14-15 hour days starting at 0530).

Anyway, I had been watching birds working all day in front of my house so I forced my buddy to take me fishing after he got out of work. We immediately got into the Blues and started filling the tote until they stole each of our favorite lures. Mine being a blue/white popper.

Discouraged but not about to head home I said, "fast trolling time". We let out two completely different types of lure, his a green deadly dick and mine a red head head swimmer. Cranked it up to 6mph, let out 100' and within 20 minutes I had a 6lb Bone on board. As I was bringing it in, he hit an 8lb Bone. "I told you that was a school of funny fish", I laughed at him.

No Stripers but it was fun none the less. It was only my second time on the water all summer.
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