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Thumbs up Roc's Tube yields results... of course :)

Got out last night for a few hours and gave one of Roccus' red tube & worm rigs a test drive. He gave me a couple at the Beavertail gathering and I've been itching to get em stretched out ever since. First time for me using a T&W rig with a blade.
Thanks again Roccus!

Trolled from the kayak with a monster nightcrawler on the hook yeilded some nice fish last night. 3 fish over 20lbs and 5 smaller within 2 hours of working it. I've pretty much given up using sea worms on T&W as they're so expensive. I can pick up a tub of 24 good sized nightcrawlers for $3, and they work well enough. Berkely Gulp 10" eels coated in smelly jelly work well on them too
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