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Default Re: Smack Tackle still taking Stripers!

Originally Posted by sadlsorz View Post
Jeff, this might be the stupidest question, but this is the first time I really looked into the Smack Tackle threads. Have these things ever been tried in the surf or from boats in the ocean?
Thanks for asking, no, it's not stupid.
We've sent some lures to the east coast, Jim himself may have some (he's given them all away! :) ) Jonny Bolt was given some to test, so far, we haven't heard back from anyone.
Down in Florida they're catching speckled trout, redfish, snook, Jack Crevale, Lady fish, etc. mostly flats fishing.
Team Smack is headed to Florida next week (minus your's truly!) :( to do some construction and fish after work. (Yeah right).
We'd love to have someone troll them shallow/deep and catch a few nice salt stripes with them.
email me, I have a proposition ;)
[email protected]
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