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Default Re: Smack Tackle still taking Stripers!

Thanks for the update and bump, Jim!
Saw a raptor special on KET last night, your avatar reminded me.
It was a corelation between raptor flight and stealth measures, and how they can be studied and engineered into fighter jets.
Neat stuff, my dad rest his soul worked for McDonnell Douglas doing stealth stuff, I snuck a look in his briefcase once, never told him, so he wouldn't have to kill me!

I'd have to drill down ed. tv site to get name of special, I'll post it later.:
#2407 "Raptor Force" Armed with powerful beaks and razor-sharp talons, raptors are nature's elite killing force—winged predators whose graceful beauty belies their stunning speed, acrobatics, and precision. [High-Definition] Neat how a certain owl had the quietest flight, by the trailing edge of wing feathers being fuzzy instead of clean cut, raven had very noisy wings, because of clean edge. Owl also had little fuzz hanging down under wing feathers, diffused the air keeping the low and high pressure flow from slapping into each other.
They actually developed a tiny camera and strapped it on a hawk's back, showing it scoping the fields out, then doing the signature dive and attack that is so awesome.
Man, I must be bored, this has absolutely nothing to do with Smack Tackle, but it was cool to watch, none the less!
Thanks again, Jim, glad you're back and alive and well!

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