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there are a ton of bait shops along 6/28 in wareham/bourne. i usually come from the north off 495 which turns to 25, i take exit 1 off 25...that takes me to the 6/28 strip where there are lots of shops. its also a good starting point at the west end of the canal(near the marritime academy) from there you can work the west end,move along the canal east and cross the sagamore near scusset and work east to west on the cape side of the canal. i can tell you the canal can be really hard to fish, but it can also be very rewarding... so i have heard and seen, however i am still waiting for my cow to come from the ditch. its a real slap in the face when a guy 20 yds from you lands a 48" cow and you get skunked using the same friggin bait. i can say there are a lot of places at each end of the canal, coves and such that are really good at night with eels. read as many posts you can find from roc and you can learn a lot of really good stuff, hes no joke.
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