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Default Prop Baits & Freshwater Stripers

Prop Baits & Windy Stripers

Next time when you are faced with some WINDY conditions, tie on a prop bait; you know, the lures with the little metal airplane props on them.

I hardly ever see much mentioned about them and they are one of my favorites to throw when I'm faced with a good chop on the drink.

This is especially true in the spring when stripers are shallow and you are faced with front after front blowing in. The wind will also breakup light penetration and can even extend your top water bite!

Below, I have listed a few reasons and guidelines why you should add prop baits to your tackle arsenal.

Why prop baits?

* Prop baits will allow you to cover water FAST.
They also cause a great deal of disturbance on the surface, which will call stripers in like a dinner bell.

Small or Large Prop baits?

I find that I have better success with a larger lure 6”- 10”.

* Remember, larger prop baits will give you some casting distance, and that’s a good thing, especially when they are shallow and spooky, and when your casting into the wind.

*Larger props will give you a larger silhouette from below, and you will have better contact with the lure in the wind.

*Large prop baits will also give you better audio & visual, and are an excellent lure for night fishing and murky water.

*When using prop baits, don't set the hook until you feel the fish.
Big stripers can BLAST the lure a half dozen times before hooking up.

*Another good tip is to always fish the wind side. If you are fishing calm water you’re wasting your time. The fish are always on the wind side.

When it comes to striped bass, I do believe prop baits just flat out aggravate the hell out of them, and besides, there isn’t anything better in the world of striper fishing than a top water hit!

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