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We sell Eagle Claw too, circle straight octupus, all of it. I just like using them because its local, made with Cajun Line (USA) which I like (Ill buy American products as long as I can), and I havent seen an Eagle Claw with a 3 foot leader yet. The hooks I use are specifically intended for stripers. I always look over my gear, and have never come across a snell or loop that is not stronger then the line itself, its very nice stuff.

If I ever really want a circle hook, I use gomakatsu bait holder hooks, or for the cheaper situations (gomakatsu's are very nice and also a tad expensive) I use Bear Claw pre-snelled, never use the bear-claws for stripers though unless its chunking for schoolies, I find their snells a little wimpy. The gomakatsu's are the prime for all kinds of striper though, especially the live bait ones in my opinion.

Besides, at cabela's with the shipping and retail price and what not, its much more expensive then I can get it at the B & T I work at.
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