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The best plan to start learning the spots there is to fish off the Jetty like Sudsy said, on either side and work your way down the beach. If anything you'll at leat catch some blues on the mouth side and if you walk to the end of the jetty make sure you know what the tides are and wear korkers. I've personally learned my lesson there. The jetty isn't a hidden spot and that's where the bait shops will send you. Try using some chunks of fresh bunker or clams. As for the beach, you'll learn it in time. When I don't fish IBSP, I fish there from the shore. Dusk and dawn are pretty good there but real slow right now. If you want to find a good fishing report from baitshops stop by kelly's. Real good guy there who has an assortment of bait and he'll give you an up to date report.
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