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Default Cherokee Lake Fishing reort

My buddy and I fished Cherokee Lake in TN last weekend. It was over cast for two days which made it prime conditions for surface action. We trolled live bait (5-7 in shad) but there were billions of tiny one inch shad everywhere. It sounded like rain when they got to popping. Stripers, hybrids and smallmouths were all feeding heavy on them along one shore line. We couldn't get them to bite on our live bait(we did end up catching a few that way)so we started throwing right at the explosions or boils and twitching Gizz 4's to imitate an injured shad. We started catching a few that way. We also got in to some smallmouths that wouldn't hit anything either. We put on Flitterbaits and cranked them back fast to trigger strikes. Here's some pictures.

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