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Default Re: I cracked the 40 pound mark!

Nah goat I said when I started striper fishing u can find my quote on here somewhere but once I cracked 40 pounds I keep the first and all others in that class or over get released. I've released plenty 20 lbs class fish and under already the goal was a 30 class fish this year but the ocean favored me even more with by skippen over 30 and going right to a 40 class fish.
All cow go back from here on out maybe my first 60 if the fish is to tired and can't get back out the surf from a boat (hopefully I'll have a bigger on for ocean next year) they allgo back til I crack the 80 pound mark. Records r made to b broken and know this--- there's 100 lbs class fish out there. A 40 bout as old if not older than me I want the one that's as old as my pop!
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