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Default Re: Woods for Plug Making

Originally Posted by Sudsy View Post
Hate to toss a monkey wrench into all this hard work but once you seal the wood it changes the density and sink factor, sometimes dramatically. Your method of sealing will also play a large role.
That is very true. If you use Epoxy to Seal, BLO or Spar and MS or what-ever method you may use. Would absolutely change the Density of the wood. Maybe a column for the sealing method used for different types of plugs would help that situation.
I think the Basic idea is if you start with a certain type of wood that has a density of 53 lbs per cubic ft. or what-ever number. You can get a fairly general idea of how it will respond with fixed variables such as sealing and finishing method. This will give you an idea when you go to line up winter building stock of what type of wood to use and what is available to you at certain cost levels.
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