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Default Re: modifying Excalibur Super Spook hook size for stripers

I have a medium weight Shimano rod with a Shimano FX FB series reel rated for 4 to 8 lb test (loaded with 8lb mono). I think the 5" Super Spook is about the largest lure I can get away with considering the weight of the rig I'm using. I have a salt water rod I can use if I purchase a larger spinning real suited for heavier test line, but I do like to go with as light of tackle as possible. The lures are in the mail at this time, but here's a pic (#52). They're 5" lures that come stock with #4 freshwater hooks. I'm thinking I can go a couple of sizes larger on the forward treble hooks, but can't decide whether to go oversized single hook or treble on the tail (feather or no feather?)
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