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Default Bonito

Went to Block Island for a couple days. I had walked on an not brought any gear. A last minute charter fell through due to weather, Monday.

Decided to stay longer. I had to go off Island briefly Tuesday. Grabbed the Blazer, some reasonably priced groceries, and a pole and few lures at Benny's.

Wednesday, I prospected early, and it paid off. John at Twin Maples was nice enough to open for a few minutes to sell me a fillet knife. My first Bonito was the first of the season. He knew of one caught a few weeks ago that was an anomaly.

I could write a short story about it. Let me just say, I have never heard a reel sing like mine did with that on the line. I thought it was a blue until in was on the beach.

I saw many more lingering, but not feeding at other times. Anyone going that way, be ready, and have a ball.
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