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Originally Posted by baitrunner View Post
I hooked up with the mini gathering around 11:30pm (kids had trouble getting to sleep... argh) Bunker were in thick,,, busting all over the surface of the Taunton River and easy to snag. Live lined and drifted chunks for several fish. BackbayJ and Jon006's cousin Kyle picked up several fish, I had a 30 incher, and Jon006 caught this one for dinner...

Nice night to be fishing with the guys!

Next stop Saco!!!
It was a great night, my cousin had a great time which is all I really cared about, It was nice to fish with a 15 yo kid that didn't complain once and really enjoyed himself. The fish I caught was given to my uncle and grandmother, im sure they will enjoy it. deseve an extra thank you for the help, as once again I wasn't prepared to keep that fish, the list of gear to purchase next just keeps growing.

On another note, I was kinda disapointed at the turn out for this one although it was a short notice gathering it would have been nice if some of the folks that said they were going to make it did, or made it and stayed instead of leaving without saying anything.

Anyways, for the folks that didn't make it, you missed out...
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