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i am not a fan of rubber/plastic teasers. you buy them in the baitshop (which are expensive) or online or ebay. you may use fly;s as teasers as i do but my rule of thumb for them varies for color/size. get an inexpensive vise and start to tie your own as this will get you into the art of teasers and seldom do i go out (especially now) without tying one on. rainfish will be the predominant bait right now so i would go with a blue and white pattern in the 1 1/2 - 2 inch size range. danny's and metal lipped swimmers in a dark olive back tapering down to a silver with white belly as your lure of choice as water is quite clear and even though the fish look up and see a silouette per say, they key in on color and a silver sided olive topped plug to me reflects off the top of the water in a more natural way than say bright colors. (not bad to show them something they have not seen but i think with all the bait in the water now i am used to the sight of what i want if i am a fish).

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