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A little more help for the guys with the posting pics problem.

Here is how to post a pic.

1)Before you post a picture you will need some place to host it. I chose So, for this little tutorial we will be using First, you have to set up an account. Once you finish, it should log you in automatically and now your screen should look something like this.

2)Now click on "Browse" a box pops up and just search for where you saved your picture, click on it and press "Open" then "Submit"

3)Your picture will now have loaded successfully. Click on the thumbnail of your picture to see the actual resolution. Now right-click the image with your mouse and go down to "properties"

4)Once you click on "properties" highlight the URL under "Address" while highlighted press "ctrl" and "c" simultaneously on your keyboard to copy the URL onto your clipboard.

5)Now open a new window by pressing "ctrl" and "n" simultaneously on your keyboard. On the new window in the address bar go to and go to post topic or where ever you want to place your picture. Type in your text and after that press the "Img" button then press "ctrl and "v" simultaneously to paste in the URL, then press the "Img" button again. It should look like this.

6)Press submit and you're done.

Hope this helped. :D
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