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Default Hampton Estuary Report 5/19

Fished an alternative spot today on the marsh. Wasnt sure if I could get down to my Basshole (Trestle) because of all the rain. Didnt even bother going down the trail to see if the giant puddle had formed yet again. So I hit my secondary spot just a tad to the NorthEast of the Trestle. Real slow for about almost an hour. Waiting for some fish to come down the river as the tide was going out. PaulH and his bud showed up, and they threw across over to the other side of the sandbar, and his bud hooked up with a schoolie on a Charlie Graves aquid tin. About a minute later, I got whacked using the Gags Mr. Bunker. Nice schoolie. The rear treble ended up in the top of his eye, and luckily, after having some patience, I managed to get it out without pulling his eye out or doing any major damage. Pauls bud caught several more schoolies on the Charlie Graves and they took off. It died down for me for about 20 more minutes, then I finally hooked up again with the Mr. Bunker. That was it for the day.

Think I'm going to get some boots so I can get over to a better spot, and hit the side of that sandbar better. Thats where they were all hanging out.

I tell ya, these rattle baits produce some of the most violent strikes of any lure I personally have ever used. It must be the way they vibrate through the water, really gets those Bass in an uproar :)

Should mention I decided to throw out a Charlie Graves tin that Paul had traded me for something. First time I had ever used one, and I didnt hook up with it this time. But they were having a blast with theirs. Guess I'm just not used to working it very well yet. I rarely, if ever, use metals like that.

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