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Default Re: good place for ayc, red cedar, other good wood

Good advise from dpohlson....

Also try the fence companies, and the better lumber suppliers. They can probably get AYC if they don't have it. My birch, maple, and white pine come from either my yard, a friend's yard or a fallen tree on the side of the road. Let them dry, under cover with good ventilation, a year for every inch of thickness, a few passes through the bandsaw, more drying and ready for the lathe. Northern White Cedar are cut offs from the local fence companies. Western Red and AYC from a lumber supplier about 50 miles north of me.

Another option is the local specialty woods supplier. I have a couple within 20 miles that sell just about any wood you can probably get in this part of the country. A local carpenter or cabinet maker can steer you towards one. They might have a "shorts, or cut-offs" bin that they discount.
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