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Default New South Carolina and Georgia State Record

I rec'd this from Warren Turner:


It appears that Terry McConnell has done twice what very few people have done just once in their lifetime. McConnell is just waiting for it to become official in both states

On April 3, 2009 while fishing with his son-in-law Daniel Moore, 57 year old Georgia resident Terry McConnell from Eastonolle, GA., caught what appears will be the new state record striped bass for both SC and GA. His catch has already been weighed on a certified scale at 63-pounds 4-ounces. Once certified by SC and GA DNR biologists as a striped Bass (Morone Saxatilis) it will be official. McConnell’s fish is poised to break his one record set just 7-years, 2-months, and 1-day ago when he caught a 59-pound 8-ounce striped bass on Lake Hartwell.

“We were fishing on Lake Russell and at approximately 6:30 PM we had a rod with a blue back herring on a planer-board take off and Daniel got it. Then two more rods took off and I grabbed one”, stated McConnell. “I knew I had a monster because it took out over 45-yards before I even got to the rod, and because Daniel was able to catch both of the other fish which were in the 20-plus pound range. After about 10-minutes I looked at the reel and the spool was beginning to show. I knew I had to stop the fish so I cranked down on the drag and was able to get about 10 or so yards back on the spool.” McConnell reported that the fight lasted about 35-minutes. And, after they got the monster securely in the boat they continued to fish into the evening because they knew they could not get to a certified scale.

As stated above, McConnell’s striped bass is poised to break both the GA and SC state records. The GA record has lasted almost 42 years and was set by Kelly Ward with a 63-pound striped bass from the Oconee River on May 30, 1967. McConnell’s current SC state record striped bass of 59-pound 8-ounces was caught on February 2, 2002 on Lake Hartwell. Prior to that James Robinson held the SC record with a 56-pound striped bass caught from Lake Russell. Sam Porter of Greenville had the record for a period with a 55-pound 12-ounce fish caught from Thurmond Reservoir (Clarks Hill Lake). Porter’s fish broke the long standing record from lake Moultrie by the Late stock car driver Tiny Lund who set the first SC record in 1963 at 55-pounds even.
McConnell's fish replaces as South Carolina's all-tackle record for freshwater striped bass (Morone Saxatilis) a 56-pound striped bass caught by James Robinson of McCormick on March 24, 2001, from Lake Russell in Abbeville County. Sam Porter of Greenville held the previous state record for striped bass with a 55-pound, 12-ounce fish caught in 1993 from Lake Thurmond. Porter's striper surpassed by 12 ounces the long-standing record set in 1963 in Lake Moultrie by "Tiny" Lund, the late stock car driver.
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