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I haven't been on in several months but honestly I haven't had the time not that I really do now. I've been going hard for past four months work sun-Thurs and race down to the family house in sea isle Thurs after work and return Sunday morning before work with min. amount if any of sleep. Lol. I figured I had the means and opportunity so why not. It worked out in my favor so much in the last 4 months that since my wife worked on my days off she went along wit my idea of being away alone on my days off fishing even in the northeaster we had I picked windows to fish lol. So i had excuse to not b on with u guys.
Any hoo now that ur bored I'm still new to striper fishing but I'm a fanatic about it everything is plan around striper fishing nowadays.
For two years I been at it got some nice fish along the way but my passion is surfishing and river fishing the spring spawn in Philadelphia where I'm from.
My goal this year was to crack 30 pounds since I cracked the teens and low 20's so I went to work I studied and put in time began to create something like an art form in my pursuit of a 30 class fish. And through all that no I did not crack the 30# I was seeking I did even better.
Jim if u reading (if u have time post the pic I sent u please)
Saturday November 28 2009 in sea isle city new jersey I found and set up on this small stretch of beach that had everything u could ask for in a location. First u had an exposed outer bar to the left and right, a funnel or rip in the middle to the left in front of the bar (beach side) was a deep trough to the left there was a bowl in front of the bar (beach side). There were rock jetties on either side that the exposed outer bar connected roams both bar just meet right at the midway point in between the two jetties I fish long and hard three tides straight and finally it paid off.
I ended up on the winning side of a 50 1/4 inch 42 3/4 pound cow as well as beaching 5 other lil guys (lol) that were 30"- 36" lmao lil guys! Had one double header on my two baited rods 30"&31" then the other 3 came in exactly 12 minute intervals I became the evenings best show as a crowd began to gather (no lie I couldn't believe it either) just to watch me fish even during minutes when I was not catching people stayed and watched to c if I'd get more. Lol it was something else people wanted to take my picture some ask could they kids take picture with me (that was awkward) but it was like something u could only dream of. I've actually made this statement several time now to the point I can't remember how many times I've said such in such day was best day of fishing but once again I falter and say: the best day of fishing I've ever had! Back to work now then c u down in the suds come Thurs nite! Tights lines. Jim tks when u can I'll send better photos they were from my iPhone. People r telling me it a fish of a life time but I say, two years just imagine 2 more years what I may do! Records r made to b broken!
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