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hi guys, when i was 8 yrs old dad gave me a new zebco202 and a three pack of daredevils we lived next to a pickeral pond so yes i was hooooked, then i discovered that the river leading out held bass and trout so i fished and was very happy, i live in belmont maine, grew up in searsmont, i was lucky enough to find a job and marry the gal next door!!! as time went on i learned of belfast , chickens were the mainstay and also sardines our mothers(most of my pals) worked at 1 of the factories, they put stuff in the bay that was a massive chumline i realy think i have seen no equal , the fishing was purely fantastic i was very very happy!!! itook up lobstering as a hobby even when the fish dont bite still have lobster lol. but as the chicken and sardines dissolved we r left with a different fishery no more chumline its just what comes after the bait and i am very very very happy. i can swim in the water check my own mooring and see people enjoying the ocean!! the fishing is nowhere the same as the chumline days,not even close!! but there are fish in penobscott bay, and yes the crowds have thinned. these fish eat lobsters so be prepared. i give a thumbs up to the moderators of this room best i can find!! i want to fish with the king of eels!! i will bait my own hook! oh and im 48 yrs young and still waiting for a big 1 lol . cannal next wkend truly big game hunting. nice to meet all on this site hope ur lines r taught
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