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Default Lake Cumberland KY 12/09/06

I hope you guys don't mind hearing about Stripers from Lake Cumberland.
Cumberlandguy (Mike), and his uncle fished the Gizz4 this weekend, and came up with great results.
Xrap caught it's share too, just to be fair!
Here's his post, and pics:
"Cumberlandguy said 12;09/06: I do use medium action rods with 12 lb test...same stuff I use on Cumberland. Just put the boat up for the night. 1st time I've had a chance to go fishing this month. My uncle went with me. Man it was cold LOL, but the fish are in the jumps and only about 10 minutes from my house. The Gizz strikes again on Cumberland!

"Cumberlandguy wrote 12/10/06: We were on the lake at daybreak this morning and got our limit at 11:30 a.m. Fish were everywhere, but were very hard to catch. Did get a couple of really nice ones this morning though. I must be fishing the right creek , the last pic includes the fish caught last night, we kept them on ice as we were too tired to clean fish. I am taking off the 15th and will be free until the 26th if you guys get back down this way

"Cumberlandguy wrote 12/10/06: The fish yesterday were caught on Gizz 4s. My uncle caught his on X raps today...he "borrowed" a Gizz yesterday LOL, but he wanted to use one of his X raps as they had never caught a fish. When the fish are in the jumps, we tend to forget about taking pictures. All you can think about is get them off the hook and make another cast! They were finicky today.....they wanted the baits reeled back to the boat as fast as you could turn the handle. Last fish came at 11:40 this morning and was caught on an umbrella rig. There were some huge fish blowing up on the shad, but they were always out of range. Seems to always happen.

Hope you guys dont' mind, man these Gizz4 are doing the job on the Stripers at Cumberland right now.
We need to get out to your neck of the woods next spring with the stripers and wipers start hitting, Lake Monroe would be my first choice, how am I doing for being a complete NewB to Indiana striper fishing?
God bless, one more shot, 3 keepers from last night:

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