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What are you looking to spend?

In the smaller reel sizes I'm a big Daiwa fan with the Certate being top of the line at around $400 (As soon as they come out with a 5500 size i'm getting one) and the Whisker Tournament being the least I would go for at around $80. Right now I'm fishing a Team Daiwa Advantage 4500s spooled with 10 lb Fireline for carp and light saltwater and I'm thrilled with the reel, $150 at Cabellas and worth every penny.

Rods I can't comment on as I've been fishing mostly the same rods in freshwater for 10 years plus and haven't had a reason to change, just replace a few guides. Not really sure what's out there in the market right now.

Fly rods are a very personal choice, it depends more on your casting style then anything else,. Head over to the local fly shop and ask to test cast a few. As far as I'm concerned unless you're looking for fish over 10lbs the reels are nothing more than a spool to hold the line. I buy inexpensive (but not Chinese) freshwater fly reels.
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