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Default Re: Stumbled upon some Hybrids!

Originally Posted by MooseToes View Post
WOW!!! The other night...we were fishing for catfish with chicken livers and got a tremendous surprise. Hybrids started hitting our baits and we limited out on them. These were the biggest hybrids I've caught to date and the fight was awesomely fun. Has anybody else caught them on chicken liver? If so, have you perfected your method of drawing the fish into the area?

i donl't know where you are fishing but if you take a paper bag and put a rock in the bottom/fill it with bait chum and tie a heavy sinker to the end of your line, tie the bag shut and drop it down to the spot./in a current you would ideally put it where the chum will move in the current in your direction and you then move to that spot. as the water soaks the bag to a point of almost disolving, one good yank on the bag and the contents will erupt and stay in the strike zone or move in the desired direction along the bottom. no chum line to spook the fish and no litter or very little paper which is biodegradeable. hope this will help you lure them close. bait choice is whatever is prevalent

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