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Default The third time is a charm.

The USS Coalman's engine is fixed. The first theory was contaminated fuel. The second theory was lack of compression. Neither of those proved to be the problem. I discussed my problem with Ray and Roccus. They both said the next thing to check was my fuel pump.

The five parts arrived Friday. I highly recommend the helpful lady at the parts department at Riverfront Marine in Salisbury, MA. When I opened my UPS envelope she included a diagram of the fuel pump and even highlighted the parts I got and how they should be installed. Thank you nice lady at Riverfront Marine. :)

I rebuilt the fuel pump at 0600 this morning. I couldn't see anything wrong with the parts I took out. Then as I was examining the cloudy plastic solid gasket the light hit it just right and I could see a hairline crack where the plastic met the fuel pump housing. I took it in stride. I didn't want to be disappointed if that was not the problem. I was not looking forward to rebuilding any carburetors.

The pump was installed and primed. Then I replaced the #3 spark plug. It was wet and fouled from my journey a week ago. With a new plug in I fired the Yamaha up. My hopes were low. I listened and felt as the new fuel pump delivered her precious cargo.

The third fix was the charm. The USS Coalman is running on all cylinders. I took her for some Indy test drives in the river. She never sputted. I called Roccus as I drifted by the Farm and told him the good news. I want to thank Joe very much. He is a human instruction manual.

I would also like to thank Ray, my partner boat for hauling my gear to shore. The traps and the fish cage are all now safe in the barn for another long winter.

The sadess time of year.

I am going to miss my gym.

The last thing to do to complete Bug and Bass is too pull the boat out and get her ready for winter. To be honest it can't come soon enough...........

I want to go hunting!
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