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Default Beached bounties.

Low tide was at 0800 this morning on the shellfish grounds. It was a chilly three mile ride.

We arrived in time with enough water to float in. What I wasn't prepared for was one of the lowest negative tides we have ever dug. It exposed the oyster beds.

We had a limit of clams and oysters by 0900. On our wait for the tide to return we purged the oysters of rocks and empty shells.

We just finished with the oysters and were starting the clams. I was giving the USS Coalman a hull inspection.

The lobsters have moved back into Great Bay. The first three traps way back in 12 feet of water produced two keepers. The next 22 traps in deep water produced two keepers. I am going out Sunday and pull all my gear back to the shallows.

I bought the USS Coalman from the Farm. Today was my annual thank you trip. Ever since I have known the Farm they have let me hunt, fish and trap unsupervised around the property. There have even been a few deer hauled out in the bucket of their tractors.

Payback this year was a multiple family feed of shellfish. I'm in like Flynn.
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