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Default Help with Greers Ferry Stripers, please...

I am going to vacation for a week at Greers Ferry and i have a Bass Tracker with a 40 HP that I will have with me. I am an avid Largemouth Bass fisherman and I have won a few tournaments. I say this just to let you know I can fish pretty good.

I have never caught a Hybrid and would love to do so while there for vacation. I was there a few years back and a local sold me 2 inline spinners that he makes. They are pretty heavy and about 5 inches long. He told me to find the schools, toss out over them and let the spinner fall down deep and then burn the spinner up through the school of fish.

He had 8 to 10 very nice fish in his cooler so I think this works. My questions is, Can anyone give me a clue as to where in the lake I should be fishing. It is a big lake and I am only there one week every 3 to 4 years.

I would appreciate any input that could help me land at least one of these babies as I want one badly.

Thank you very much.

Marty Man
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