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Hahahaha BB.........


Clambellies for me.but you knew that.

Instead of using bait thread or rubber bands etc.......i learned to cast clambellies. I adjusted everything really. You never want to jolt or snap anything. Its a timing thing, just before the line snaps off the tip of your finger, you let go. not just let go, you have to quickly take your finger out of the way. If you start your cast off slow and then gradually powercast it, the bellie usually stays on. Sometimes with the 15 footer, i pendulum cast. takes a little practice but its a great way to sling a bellie with a big rod. The freshness and the way its kept before fishing is another good way to assure it stays on the hook. If you can't use fresh clams, try to freeze them in a Brine solution, Kosher salt works the best. If you throw a raw Potato in the mix, and it floats, its perfect. Its also better, if frozen, to put it from freezer to fridge to let thaw, trust me, i've force thawed them before and i've eaten thicker soup. Get as much of that hard part of the clam onto your hook before weaving the stringy stuff on. Don't try to get too much on the hook....the way i figure it, the smaller it is, the more apt the cow will just swallow it.

Eels would have to be my second choice.....just makes sense since i fish in the eelgrass sometimes.

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